COE(西班牙奧委會)主席 Alejandro Blanco Bravo

  三.COE(西班牙奧委會)主席 Alejandro Blanco Bravo

  Alejandro Blanco Bravo

  From the Olympic movement, we must talk about rights and freedoms of athletes. Rights, which all athletes in the world to participate in the Olympic Games as well as those who were prepared to go to the Olympics and they finally have been unable to reach. Rights to be respected. To respect his time and let them to demonstrate through their actions, which is competing,必威体育, which means excellence.

  With all this, I can only conclude by saying that these Games will be good for China and if it is good for China,必威体育, it will be good for the world.

  ――Alejandro Blanco Bravo

  四.ATP CEO Brad Drewett

Brad Drewett

  Dear fellow athletes,必威体育,

  To all the athletes in Beijing who have trained and focused every day of your lives from childhood to aspire to achieve you Olympic dream,now is the time for your star to shine.

  Let the Games begin!!!

  Best of luck to you all,

  Brad Drewett

  CEO,必威体育,ATP international

  Sydney,必威体育, Australia

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